Lunch Menu at Lolita Tartine


(served with a choice of side salad or potatoes)

PICASSO | mozzarella, tomato, pesto and prosciutto RENOIR | avocado, shrimp, arugula, tomato and tzatziki sauce GAUGUIN | smoked salmon, tzatziki sauce, cucumber and fresh herbs BONNARD | spinach, portobello, walnuts, tomato and goat cheese DALI | onion marmalade, asparagus, smoked duck breast, tomato, walnut and mesclun salad topped with a vinaigrette MATISSE | curry chicken, pineapple, sour cream and tomato VAN GOGH | eggplant caviar, dried tomatoes, bell pepper, arugula, kalamata olives and parmesan cheese MANET | olive tapenade, feta, asparagus, tomato and prosciutto CEZANNE | tuna tartar, cilantro, avocado and mixed greens DELACROIX | pear, blue cheese, mesclun salad, cream cheese and raisins



(on brioche bread served with a choice of side salad or potatoes)

BOTTICELLI | tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto and shaved parmesan DONATELLO (cold) | olive tapenade, goat cheese, tomato and walnuts TIZIANO | pear, blue cheese, brie, walnuts and golden raisins CELLINI (cold) |  pesto, tomato, bacon, chicken and shaved parmesan cheese MICHELANGELO |  guacamole, chicken curry, roasted bell peppers and tomato DA VINCI | comté cheese, prosciutto, portobello mushrooms and tomato



(served with bread)

AFRICAINE | taboulé and cucumber with tzatziki sauce FLORENTINE | pan seared tuna over salad and roasted bell peppers with balsamic reduction BORDELAISE |  poached egg, crispy bacon, tiny croutons, roasted onions over greens finished with shaved parmesan PERIGOURDINE |  smoked duck breast over a salad with tiny croutons and walnuts, tomato and onion marmalade PIEMONTAISE |  four cheeses (brie, comté, blue and goat cheese) with mixed greens, walnuts and raisins SCANDINAVE |  shrimp, smoked salmon, avocado and tomato over a mixed green salad BOURGUIGNONNE | salad, portobello, chicken and comté cheese LATINA | quinoa, cucumber, tomato, raisins, shallots, olive oil and lemon



(served with a choice of side salad or potatoes)

QUICHE VEGGIE bell peppers, portobello and cheese QUICHE LORRAINE bacon and cheese QUICHE SMOKED SALMON with dill and cheese TOMATO TART with basil and mustard FEUILLETE goat cheese and spinach CROQUE MONSIEUR sour cream, tomato, ham and choice of cheese (comté, blue, feta, swiss cheese)



PISTACHIO CRÈME BRÛLÉE CRÈME CARAMEL ANDREA TARTE DU JOUR WARM CHOCOLATE FONDANT | with vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis and whipped cream WARM APPLE CRUMBLE | with vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis and whipped cream MERINGUE | served with vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis and whipped cream MOUSSE AU CHOCOLAT | whipped cream, chocolate sauce and toasted almonds BREAD PUDDING | with vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate and caramel sauce PROFITEROLES | topped with toasted almonds



Coffee and decaf | Add a flavor Teas (Nina’s Paris) Cappuccino (Add a flavor) Café au Lait (Add a flavor) Mocha Espresso Hot Chocolate Milk Iced Tea regular Special Iced Tea (The Republic of Tea) Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Pineapple Juice Sparkling and Mineral Water Mineral Water small Perrier Soft Drinks Orangina Vitamine Water WINE LIST AVAILABLE


Corona Peroni Stella Leffe Kronembourg Domestics


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