You’ll often hear Lolita Tartine associated with Sarasota’s Rosemary District. Many of our patrons new or visiting the area often ask just what the Rosemary District is so here is a little background info on our little corner of Sarasota.

If you’re somewhat old-fashioned or artsy, you’re likely to fall in love with the Rosemary District. Among the several communities set in downtown Sarasota, the Rosemary District combines all the benefits of urban Sarasota living with a rich and fascinating historical heritage reaching all the way back to 1886. Today the Rosemary District is a diverse and thriving community, the setting for a variety of locally-owned small businesses – cafés, boutiques, galleries, and art studios – as well as attractive residential properties ranging from charming bungalows to spacious high-rise condos.

The Rosemary District is bordered by the Tamiami Trail, Orange Avenue, and by 3rd and 10th Streets. It’s adjacent to the city’s other enchanting and invigorating downtown neighborhoods – Burns Court, Towles Court, and Laurel Park – and the Rosemary District is also only 5 blocks from the delights of Sarasota’s spectacular downtown waterfront. Superlative downtown shopping venues, casual and fine dining options, and famous local attractions are in easy walking distance.

A Thriving District

The Rosemary District thrived throughout Sarasota’s earliest years, but as shopping malls and new housing developments tore people away from downtown in the 1970s and 80s, the District suffered along with other downtown communities. In 1995, residents and local businesses formed a group to raise funds for restoring and modernizing the Rosemary District. Today the makeover is complete, and the District thrives both culturally and commercially.

A Great Place To Live

Sarasota’s average annual temperature is 73 degrees, and in the Rosemary District, sea breezes off Sarasota Bay cool off even the warmest summer afternoons. Walking and bicycling are feasible almost every day. The Rosemary District’s downtown Sarasota setting puts it only mere minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and Sarasota’s famous white-sand beaches and barrier islands. “America’s Best Beach” in 2011, Siesta Beach, awaits you on enchanting Siesta Key, while cosmopolitan shopping, dining, and entertainment are yours at St. Armand’s Circle on St. Armand’s Key. The district is exciting to live in and unforgettable even if you’re merely visiting. All the best of Sarasota is part of the growing and vibrant Rosemary District community.

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