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Three of us dined at Lolita Tartine. Two of us had Beef Bergundy and the other had Chicken Tagine. We also shared sides of fresh pasta and potato gratin. The dishes were all of perfection and we enjoyed the outdoor seating accompanied by a bottle of modestly priced but excellent Bordeaux. The service provided by Daniel was superb. This restaurant has only been open a few weeks and appears to be poised for success. It is run by the same people that run C’est La Vie an excellent French bakery and restaurant we have been visiting for 17 years. We will be back! Read the full excerpt here…

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I ordered the “Mattise”, a chicken curry, pineapple, sour cream and tomato combo spread over rye bread. The intense, curry flavor is smoothed by the sour cream while the pineapple adds a burst of citrus juice topped off with the texture from the rye bread. I decided to take my server’s advice and went with a side salad instead of the potatoes. It proved a flavorful decision.

Bring your laptop and enjoy complimentary wi-fi during lunch or enjoy dinner before heading to the theatre. Whether you come for breakfast, lunch or dinner, on your own or with a group of friends, you can relax, sit back and experience the beauty of a French café in the Rosemary District of downtown Sarasota. See the complete article…

Sarasota Day

A feast for your eyes and taste buds. As you can see this is not your garden variety open faced sandwich. This sandwich has style and class (if it’s even possible for a sandwich to have class). In this version, a nice slice of toasted hearty rye bread is the base for thinly sliced smoked salmon, Tzatziki sauce, cucumbers and fresh herbs. It’s appropriately entitled, The Gauguin. A work of culinary art to be certain.Go ahead. It’s time to expand your culinary horizons. Lolita Tartine is a nice jumping off point for your adventure… read on

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So what can I say about the Matisse Tartine, other than I LOVED it!  When I ordered curried chicken, I expected little chucks of chicken that had been simmered in curry sauce.  What I got was so much better.  The chicken breast was pounded thin, seasoned and rolled tight, then baked with aromatic spices.  Once cooked, it was sliced thin – but not too thin – just perfect for this sandwich, and lightly brushed with the aforementioned curry sauce.  It was then topped with grilled pineapple and micro greens with just a hint of balsamic vinegar to add a savory bite to the sweet tomato.  Let me be honest here.  Paring the curry chicken with pineapple is one of those simple strokes of culinary genius that great chefs come up with.  Both flavors just bounced off each other and I want to bang myself over the head for not thinking of this myself.  Seriously! Lots more to read here…

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